Hi, my name is Alana.

I am a Certified Integrative Coach. 

I help adolescents and young adults live authentically to develop confidence personally and professionally. 


Harness Your Power & Discover Your Potential

What is Coaching?

A series of conversations
A safe place to gain clarity 
An invitation to a new perspective
On-demand personalized accountability
Time for you to explore your thoughts, ideas, dreams, and challenges
​A transformation into the best version of yourself

It's about keeping it fun, simple, and rewarding so you'll stick with it. 
Make the changes you need to make, and
come away feeling motivated and optimistic after each session.


I've always had a passion for helping others. Originally from Long Island, I have always been the friend sought out for advice, or shoulder to cry on. I realized that even without answers, the encouragement, empathy, and challenging perspectives I provided created significant impact. These elements are the foundation to my coaching practice. Coaching is individually designed for each client to create their own solutions. You're writing your own story; you make the choices, and have the solutions. 

I currently reside in Los Angeles, close to my family and fueled by sunshine. I believe becoming a coach is aligned with my life's purpose. Through coaching I am able to harness my innate skills and education to provide meaningful services to positively impact others. I believe that with an open mind and a desire to grow, anyone can lead a healthier and happier life. 


I believe we all have the power within us to reach great potential.

I am here to help you unleash it. 

  • University of Arizona, B.A.

    • Psychology, Family Studies and Human Development

  • Institute for Integrative Coaching, ACTP. 

    • ICF Certified Professional Integrative Coach​

  • Adults and Adolescents

  • Authenticity: Establish your identity

  • Honesty: To yourself and others

  • Presence: Live in the now



I offer a complimentary consultation and 30 minute coaching session.

In this session we 

     - see if coaching is the right fit for you

     - discuss your specific needs

Additionally, I can answer any questions about coaching you may have. I look forward to connecting with you. 




Los Angeles, CA

Services available worldwide 


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